Vevčani and Matka Canyon – Macedonia

Vevčani is a small city located in southwest Macedonia, near the Albanian border.Though the town only has a small population, approximately 2500, it is well-known for several reasons. The Vevčani Springs (pictured below) are a naturally occuring set of springs ranging from 900-2000 metres above sea level.

For the more cultural the Vevčani Carnival is an annual event whose Pagan origins date back over 1,400 years. Hosted in early January each year the festival does not take itself too seriously and often pokes fun at cultural, social and economical happenings. Participants adorn themselves with elaborate masks expressing humour and sarcasm and dance through the streets before the masks are burned as a symbolic cleansing.

Vevčani is also a self-styled republic, declaring its ‘independence’ from Macedonia in 2002, shortly after the fall of the Yugoslavian government. Visitors can purchase passports and local currency from the town, though these are more novel items rather than practical.





Located just outside of Skopje, Macedonia, Matka Canyon is a long and winding canyon that covers approximately 5000 hectares. The canyon is home to several medieval monasteries and ten caves ranging from 20 to 176 metres long.


Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon

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Sveti Naum – Macedonia

The Monastery of Saint Naum (Sveti Naum) was founded in 905AD by St. Naum of Ohrid. Located along Lake Ohrid the Monastery is home to several peacocks who can be seen wandering about the grounds. St. Naum is buried in the Monastery and it is said that by pressing your ear to his tomb one is able to hear his still beating heart. Nearby is the Black Drim River, one of the four major sources for Lake Ohrid. With crystal clear waters and incredible tranquillity the site is very popular with tourists, and half hour boat trips along the river are available for a reasonable price.


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Sahara – Morocco

My favourite photos from a three day trek into the Sahara, one of the most enjoyable and unique experiences I have encountered on my travels. The scenery was just as stunning during the night, however I have very little experience with night photography and my camera equipment isn’t really sufficient for this kind of photography.


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Galway and Killkenny


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Duomo di Milano

The Duomo di Milano is the fifth largest cathedral in the world and the largest in Italy. Construction was started in 1386 and works were not complete until 1965, almost six centuries later. One of the most unique aspects of the cathedral, asides from the mixture of architectural styles, is the ability to walk the roof of the Duomo, offering stunning views of Milan for those who make the ascension.

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